Dinosaurs Discovered!

Let’s look back on another themed event hosted at Whilton Locks Garden Village. It shows what we can do – let us know what we can do for you, your event or themed party.

It’s mayhem for as Dinosaurs have been unearthed at Whilton Locks Garden Village!

Head off on a Jurassic journey with two dino-themed events on this very special day – perfect for Paleontologists of all ages. It’s going to be Roaaaar-some!

1. Dinosaur Day Activities
Grab your excavation kit and head off into the Whilton wilderness to discover the Dino Garden, foraging for fossils.
Use your dino-dexterity with Triceratoss and your Archaeopteryx-artistic flair with Dino Egg painting and your creating your Dino Designs.
Meet our real life mini creatures with our prehistoric cuddle session.
Limited spaces so pre(historic) online booking is essential.

2. Afternoon Tea-Rex
Enjoy a dino-themed Afternoon tea with a whole host of delicious dino delicacies.
Limited spaces so pre(historic) online booking is essential.
(Carnivore and Herbivore Teas available)

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